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Oct 8, 2018

Insecurity can feel like a curse. You're afraid to speak up, have an opinion, or disagree. Learn how one woman's extreme insecurity led her to become a more confident person and how you can grow in confidence too. Segment Two: St. Joseph shows you everything you need to know about obedience.

Sep 17, 2018

It is easy to feel like you need more hours in your day. Your life is a rush, your to-do list is packed with tasks you haven't been able to squeeze in. What's the solution? Learn about some tools that can help you slow down your day. Segment Two: Hope for people who lack empathy.

Sep 13, 2018

Social media is like fire - it can warm you, or it can burn you to ashes. How much of your day is spent on social media? And how does it make you feel? Learn how to manage social media so that it doesn’t manage you. Segment 2: A listener writes:My mom doesn’t want me to become a nun.

Sep 3, 2018

Most Christians try to avoid the "big" sins but what about the sins that are so easy to commit on social media? Do you know what they are? Find out if you are slandering, detracting or in any other way tearing others down in your posts. Learn  how to avoid these problems and also how to avoid the near occasion of...

Jun 11, 2018

Saint Barnabas was a model of encouragement. Learn these simple ways you can encourage others around you. Segment 2: What does your teen daughter need most from you? The experts weigh in.